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School Visits

Going to school!

I pack my bag with my books, notebooks, illustrations - tools of the trade - and am on my way!

Kids are running up to me as I walk toward the school entrance. 

"Are you the author?"

"Are you Charlotte Herman?"

"Here, let me take your bag. Are these the books you wrote?"

It's another school visit! And I love it!

School Visit

Q. What's it like being an author?

A. Great!

Q. Where do you get your ideas?

A.In a bakery buying sticky buns and a bread shaped like
a turkey.

From anywhere and Everywhere. 

Q.Where do you write?

A.On my couch in the living room.

Though I've changed couches many times over the years.

Q.Does your hand every get tired from writing?

A.No, I'm a slow writer.

I give writing tips:

Write, write, write. About anything. Your cat, your dog, your grandmother.

Write from your heart. Write from your memories. And read, read, read.

I would LOVE to come to your school!

And nobody has to carry my book bag.

I speak at libraries and bookstores, too.

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